Bacharach on the Rhine river Germany
Valley of the Lorelei rock between Mainz, Rheinhessen, Bingen, St. Goar, Boppard and Koblenz / Coblence on the Moselle river castle Rheinfels St. Goar Oberwesel Rudesheim

Picture 1 Lorelei rock above the Rhine river
Picture 2 Bacharach with castle Stahleck
Picture 3 Castle Rheinfels above St. Goar
Picture 4 Liebfrauenkirche in Oberwesel
Picture 5 Rudesheim Drosselgasse
Picture 6 Gasthaus Stahl is a real gem of a place, in that wonderful, scenic location
Picture 7 The old brick arch wine cellar of the winery Stahl

Bacharach Rhine Germany

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Farm Stahl
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View towards the town of Bacharach on the Rhine river, which has existed before the Romans and whose name can be lead back to the celtic settlement - Baccaracum. The first documentary mention of the town was in the year 923. 
In the background you can also see (from left to right) Peterskirche (church of St. Peter), Wernerkapelle (ruin of Werner chapel) and Liebesturm (tower of love).
Right on the Rhine hills is castle Stahleck - whose exact accruement time isn't known, but it's been proved that the castle was already inhabited in the year 1095.


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