Castle Rheinfels above the Rhine river Germany
Valley of the Lorelei rock between Mainz, Rheinhessen, Bingen, St. Goar, Boppard and Koblenz / Coblence on the Moselle river castle Rheinfels St. Goar Bacharach Oberwesel Rudesheim

Picture 1 Lorelei rock above the Rhine river
Picture 2 Bacharach with castle Stahleck
Picture 3 Castle Rheinfels above St. Goar
Picture 4 Liebfrauenkirche in Oberwesel
Picture 5 Rudesheim Drosselgasse
Picture 6 Gasthaus Stahl is a real gem of a place, in that wonderful, scenic location
Picture 7 The old brick arch wine cellar of the winery Stahl

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.Burg Rheinfels
The Rheinfels castle was the most powerful fortress along the Middle Rhine.
Whereas, about only one third of the original structure survived destruction.
During the centuries Burg Rheinfels was the scene of numerous bloody sieges and violent changes of ownership. Only a few years after construction started in 1245 it was able to proof it was invincible, when 27 towns formed an alliance to put an end to Graf Diether von Katzenelnbogen.
He arbitrarily increased the custom duty on the Rhine. 8000 men on foot and 1000 knights supported by 50 ships attempted to capture the castle. They gave up after one year and 14 weeks without making any progress.
Only Napoleon took possession of the castle without a fight in 1796. He had the fortifications and the castle blown up with the exception of a few remains. The castle belongs to the town of St. Goar since 1925.
Open to the public during the summer season. 


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